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Man travels from

Man travels from Sheffield to Essex via Berlin because it was cheaper than train

Bus from Shenfield to Hutton 1.80

TOTAL COST = 51.79

On whether it would always be cheaper to fly rather than travel by rail, Jordon said: «On certain cheap jerseys trains and routes, you might find it cheaper to fly via a short stop over in Ireland, or even mainland Europe, to get to your destination.

«It will take a bit of trial and error and you have to book two separate flights, so take into consideration any extra booking fees.

«To get the cheapest price on your flights, I seen the best deals crop up about 2 4 weeks before the travel date, most likely to flog surplus tickets, and then prices increase for the final two weeks to sting the last minute travellers.»

He added: «Ok, this isn for everyone as it can take a whole day to get to your final destination, but if you not in a rush, your focus is saving money and you fancy a little walk around a European city, it worth a look.

«Many of these airports are close to city centres, with cheap buses or trains taking you into the heart of the action, so you get to do a bit of exploring rather than waiting in an airport terminal.».

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